All In Sends a Message to Indy Wrestling

The Historic Feat Accomplished
On the heels of the historic 30 minute sell out of the “All In” show being promoted by Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks, the wrestling world has taken notice and the landscape has shifted in an amazing way. The hunger by the most loyal and die hard true wrestling fans has paid off and The Elite have shown the independent wrestling scene what they need to do to take the business to the next level. They sent their message loud and clear. Deliver amazing wrestling action and collaborate.

The Expectations are High

The “All In” show will feature talents from a variety of promotions including Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Lucha Underground, and a variety of smaller promotions and promises to deliver amazing wrestling matches. This is just what the wrestling universe needed. A show that is far from the repetitive storylines found on WWE programming is something fans have been waiting for.

Engaging matches and top tier performances are a large part if the independent wrestling culture. Unknown or underappreciated talents work tirelessly to deliver quality matches in the hopes of making a name for themselves. Cody and the Young Bucks have demonstrated the ability to grow your brand without the need for the WWE Machine. They have set out on a path that has made them some of the most recognizable talents in the world. Wrestlers seek out matches with these talents simply to have the rub from being in the ring with “The Elite”.

Are Independent Companies Watching?

Independent Wrestling companies need to take note of what “All In” actually means for the wrestling business. It demonstrates that the need for a deep talent roster is more important now than perhaps ever before. It also supports the notion that fans who crave unique match experiences and new pairings will seek out these smaller companies to experience something special and that rejects the status quo.

The Card
The match card for “All In” has not been announced yet but we know that Cody will challenge for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. We know many of the talents already signed for the event. We can expect to see the IWGP Champion, whether it is Kazuchika Okada or Kenny Omega, turn in an amazing performance. You should expect to see some sort of Flip Gordon vs Marty Skurll or Hangman Page match. Maybe the most important thing is that you should expect to see surprises.

Big Surprises?

Is this where we see the triumphant return of CM Punk? Will Chris Jericho make a shocking appearance to lend legitimacy to the event? Will Cody follow in his legendary father’s footsteps and become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion? Can Tessa Blanchard and Brandi Rhodes bring legitimacy to the independent wrestling version of the women’s revolution? What type of dream match will Rey Mysterio have and who will his opponent be? There are so many questions which is the best part about this event.

Some Advice for Indy Promotions

Companies around the country need to listen to what Cody and the Young Bucks have done and follow suit. Many promotions have a wealth of either unknown or underutilized talent that could benefit from these collaborative shows. The ones who win are the fans who crave the unique experience and who covet some of the lesser known stars. Can you see a join promoted event between Lucha Underground and Chikara during the King of the Trios Season? How about a huge Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling Super Show? Can you begin to see New Japan Pro Wrestling presenting a show at Madison Square Garden in conjunction with Ring of Honor?

It is time for all independent companies to put aside their differences and come together to give the fans truly unique and special events. They need to book amazing pairings and deliver on the promise of high quality matches. Most of all, WWE needs to pay attention to what is going on as events like “All In” are blowing away anything WWE is producing currently.

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