Effect of Jericho's Big Announcement

First Time was Amazing

After the success of the first Chris Jericho Rock n Wrestling Rager at Sea, it was to be expected that the Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla would flirt with the notion of bringing back the concept for another voyage. The first show featured a unique presentation of Rock Bands intertwined with the world of professional wrestling. With contributions from Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground, and New Japan Pro Wrestling, the first go around was a fan’s dream.

The opportunity to see the first Sea of Honor Tournament brought significance to the experience. Cross promotional matches that fans were dying to see added the intrigue. The story telling leading up to the event was fantastic. When you consider the history between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega helped to fuel the speculation for what fans should expect.

The Formula Worked

On the heels of the All In show in September, many wrestling fans felt the Rock n Wrestling Rager at Sea was an even better show. There were fewer rushed matches instead showcasing solid storytelling and meaningful matches promoted ahead of time. Many felt that it was the perfect blend of Woodstock meets WrestleMania meets Wrestle Con.

The Big Announcement

Now with the announcement that we will indeed get the Rager Part 2, the wrestling world is lining up for details on what promises to be yet another incredible event. Details related to the dates and schedule will no doubt be released over the next month or so and cabin space will surely be in high demand once again.

How will this be different?

What can Chris Jericho do this time to give it a new feel? He has always tried to reinvent things all throughout his career. This should be no different. Jericho will find incredible talent. Perhaps he will make another overture towards WWE. There is the possibility that he goes back to what he is familiar with which would be another Sea of Honor Tournament and booking with Ring of Honor. Speculation has been high that Chris Jericho wants to forge some sort of agreement with Impact Wrestling and Don Callis. New Japan will definitely want to expand their North American influence so they are a possibility.

The Possibilities
As crazy as it may sound, Chris Jericho may be on the verge of a shocking announcement that would impact the wrestling world in a major way. First are the contracts of Cody Rhodes, the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, Christopher Daniels, Scorpio Sky, Frankie Kazarian, and many others finishing up in the near future. When you couple that with the rumors swirling about the formation of All Elite Wrestling led by the Khan Family and Jericho’s potential involvement, could we see a tie in between these two huge announcements?

Bringing together all of these components would be a huge opportunity for All Elite Wrestling to kick off 2019 with some true historic booking. If they are prepared to present All In 2, the Rager at Sea 2, and start their own episodic program then the wrestling world could be in for an exciting year. The possibility of adding Jericho to the already potentially rich talent pool would bring instant credibility and star power to a new brand.

Guaranteed Action

In any event, the announcement of a second Chris Jericho Cruise is exciting in and of itself. When you consider the possibilities, it could just be the beginning of a wild and amazing year in the business.

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