How to Revive 205 Live!

The Issue
Vince McMahon controls the vast majority of the Professional Wrestling World. While it is true that there are hundreds of small companies around the world offering some of the most exciting wrestling action ever seen, it is also true that the highest percentage of wrestling fans do not have access to these companies and therefor are confined to what WWE offers them. This has created a bad situation for WWE as there is no incentive to push the envelope for ratings. There is no need for concern from a competitor (WCW circa 1996). Instead, we essentially have a monopoly that controls main stream professional wrestling. This allows for sloppy or uninspired booking and a complete lack of effort in the creative process.

The Potential

WWE has cornered the market on talent. Despite countless independent stars who would only improve the WWE brand, the bountiful talent pool WWE employs rivals any in history. When you factor in the reality that WWE rarely allows their talents to use the full plethora of their wrestling talent, you can see where the potential for insane matches with the highest quality product is there. Unfortunately for pro wrestling fans, we will never see it.

The Solution
The solution is in the untapped talent that the 205 Live roster brings to the overall WWE brand. i have seen countless articles indicating that one of the biggest issues for WWE is that the Cruiserweights on 205 Live do not have a presentation that is all that different than many of the prime main roster stars. AJ Styles and Seth Rollins are capable of all of the high flying spots that 205 Live Cruiserweights perform and with better star power. What those who have this opinion have failed to realize is that those top stars are able to do many of what 205 Live does. WWE just has to allow the 205 Live roster to do even more. If AJ Styles wants to hit a 360 splash then have 205 Live stars hit the big 450. If Seth Rollins wants to hit the Superplex into a Falcon Arrow, then you have to allow the 205 Live roster to hit more awe inspiring moves that we get to see on the indies. Have a 205 Live talent his Matt Cross' shoulder springboard into a Lethal Injection. Nobody has ever seen it in WWE and it would get a huge pop every time. 

The Truth
The truth is that WWE has gotten lazy and are accepting of less. They are willing to allow the 205 Live brand to flounder while its talents are being underutilized. These are some of the best wrestlers in the world. If you are not impressed then look at YouTube and find a match with Tony Nese taking on Kenny Omega. That match is already out there. As are matches against Ricochet and others prior to his debut with WWE. He and so many others on the 205 Live roster are just waiting for their moment to shine. They are waiting for the chance to showcase what they do best. They are waiting for WWE to let them show the world where the best wrestling really is. If WWE has its way, they will be waiting a very long time!