Major Talent Returning to New Japan

Setting the Stage

Wrestling fans get a bit frustrated when they see an amazing angle shot only for it to die off and never reach its full potential. They invest in the characters and expect a big payoff when a feud finally is resolved in the ring. When that payoff never comes, it leaves a true smart mark wrestling fan feeling empty. Since January of this year, the wrestling world has been waiting to see if New Japan Pro Wrestling would capitalize on the name recognition of Chris Jericho and utilize his drawing power for yet another dream match. The answer to that question has finally come.

New Japan Breaking News

Mike Johnson of is reporting that although Jericho has gone on record by stating in previous interviews that he was done working for the promotion, the former WWE Champion is expected to appear at this week’s Wrestling Dontaku event in Fukuoka, Japan to shoot an angle that will lead to his in-ring return at the Dominion event in Osaka next month.

This is exactly what rabid fans were hoping for when he attacked Tetsuya Naito at the January 5th New Years Dash Event. Jericho taking on another New Japan mega star is just what the wrestling community needs. It goes well beyond the Wrestling Dontaku Event. This represents an opportunity that one can only hope WWE sees and reacts to.

Implications for the Future

This is a huge announcement and one that should garner major media attention. More than that though is the message of hope that it sends to the wrestling community. Chris Jericho has broke the mold this year appearing in New Japan and WWE in January and now the same within a week of each other once again. It illustrates the significance that one wrestler can have on a show and opens the door to the possibility of seeing additional talents work both companies going forward.

I don’t know that we will ever get a complete talent exchange between WWE and New Japan but we may be able to observe talents who realize their own drawing power who can bridge the gap between these two amazing companies and hopefully bring more exciting action to the fans.

Imaging a card that could feature Braun Strowman vs. Bad Luck Fale. Perhaps we get a match between Bray Wyatt and Toru Yano. Of course there is the possibility of a dream match between Seth Rollins and Kazuchika Okada. Despite the virtual guarantee that those and many other dream scenarios will never happen, at least seeing Jericho step into a New Japan Pro Wrestling Ring for the second time in six months gives us some hope to the fantasy booking fans.

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