The Best in the World Debate

The Great Debate

For as long as the cat has been out of the bag and wrestling fans have been smartened up to the business, the debate over who the best wrestler in the world has always been a hot topic. On the heels of comments from both Kenny Omega and Seth Rollins about who the best in the world is, it seems only fair to examine the dilemma and determine which superstar deserves the moniker right now.

The Top Candidates

At the top of every list is typically the current world champions from each respective company. Whether it is Seth Rollins as WWE Universal Champion, Kenny Omega as the AAA Mega Champion, or even Kazuchika Okada as the reigning IWGP World Champion is a possible option. There is hesitation to include inaugural AEW World Champion Chris Jericho in the conversation with the backlash from online wrestling fans about AEW putting their top title on an aging veteran. Brock Lesnar is the WWE Champion but takes on a schedule that simply doesn’t allow for him to be taken serious as the world’s number one talent. The remaining world champions of note are Brian Cage in Impact Wrestling, Nick Aldis of the NWA, and Ring of Honor Champion Rush but none of them pose a threat to the throne of the world’s top guy. We will forget that Jake Hager or Jack Strong as he is known as in Lucha Underground is still technically their world champion.

The Best of the Rest

If we are examining the debate from a more open perspective, who else would be considered? Jon Moxley and Kofi Kingston have made the most noise this year while AJ Styles is always mentioned in the conversation. Drew McIntyre has been labeled as a future champion but his win/loss record for the year is less than inspiring. Roman Reigns is a top draw and has clearly improved on his in ring skills but is not considered a technical wrestler by any means. Will Osprey dazzles fans all over the world but is not able to put on a classic technical match without countless high spots which may take away from how he is perceived when compared to the others on our list. PAC has been mentioned but anyone who walks away from a match against Hangman Page because they are too afraid to lose will never get my vote. Bray Wyatt has to be in the conversation but his performance at Hell in a Cell puts his candidacy in question.

Out of Left Field

With all of the discussion, is there a chance that the world’s #1 wrestler is not even on the list yet? Could that be because we are forgetting one of the biggest stars and stories of the year, and I am not talking about Baron Corbin winning the King of the Ring. Becky Lynch has been on fire since the start of the year. Though some would claim she has cooled off, much of that argument can be chalked up to poor booking decisions by the WWE creative team than anything she has done. She is a bonafide star and deserves to be in the conversation.

Honorable Mention

Of course there are always those who are emerging and who will soon take over the world. Ricochet and Ali come to mind. Buddy Murphy does as well. NXT has Adam Cole, Finn Balor, and Johnny Gargano not to mention the likes of the Velveteen Dream, Roderick Strong, and Matt Riddle. NXT UK has Walter who is no slouch. Pentagon Jr and Fenix would argue that they should be considered. The argument could be made for Kota Ibushi or Jay White but they have a bit to go before being considered the best of the best. I am a huge supporter of Jay Lethal and Marty Scurll but neither has done enough lately to warrant the label. Jeff Cobb is on his way but not quite there yet. Daniel Bryan easily could have been the man at one point but his questionable booking and heel/face persona makes determining his contributions a challenge.

The Verdict

After considering all of the options, what may come as a surprise is that the one name we have failed to mention is easy to dismiss due to a lengthy absence this year but the talent is never in question. Whether it is match quality, chemistry with all of his opponents, the long history of being able to work with anyone, or the character that he has cultivated over the last 2 years, who can argue with Tomasso Ciampa as the Best Wrestler in the World? There are simply too many variables and there is always a way to make a case against any choice but when you boil everything down and look for all the intangibles, Ciampa may be at the top of the mountain.

What are your thoughts? Comment Below and Tell Us Your #1 Wrestler in the World!

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