The Impact of Alpha vs Omega

Alpha vs Omega – The Dream Match

With the announcement of the dream match up between “The Cleaner” Kenny Omega and “Y2J” Chris Jericho, Alpha vs Omega, the wrestling world is buzzing with the possibilities of how to book this potentially once in a lifetime experience. Would arguably the biggest draw in the world go over an icon in the business to further cement his rising star power? Should the legend put the brash young star in his place and exercise his dominance one more time? Should there be outside interference by the Bullet Club? Will the Bullet Club turn on their leader aligning with Jericho and anointing Cody as the new head of the faction? How about a double turn with Omega being ousted and Jericho taking control of the most influential faction in the industry?

How will the rest of the Industry Respond?

With Jericho leaving the umbrella of World Wrestling Entertainment and branching out to, potentially, the greatest “wrestling” company in the world lead to a larger exodus from the sports entertainment conglomerate? Will independent wrestlers see their inherent value and work collaboratively to forge relationships and start to put on mega shows as many tried to do in the late 1980’s? More importantly, will mid-sized promotions such as Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, and Lucha Underground use this match as inspiration to create dream matches of their own with one-off appearances from the world’s biggest free agents to garner the most main stream appeal and exposure to their products allowing them to close some of the gap between themselves and the WWE? The best answer would be YES, YES, YES, YES, YES. Alpha vs Omega may be starting an all new revolution.

The Possibilities are Endless

This match has made fantasy bookers go crazy with dream match scenarios for future shows. Think about matches like Neville vs Will Osprey. How about Austin Aries vs Ricochet? I would like to see Matt Riddle vs Jack Swagger. The potential for huge matches never seen is huge. Promotions need to pool their resources and put together some of these amazing displays. How about a Tour of Jericho as Y2J faces Will Osprey, Marty Skurll, Ricochet, Cody, Christopher Daniels, Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Matt Riddle, Jeff Cobb, Brian Cage, Sami Callihan, and others? What if Jericho takes the path of Cody and goes pretty much everywhere making wrestling history along the way. What an amazing tour that would be.

The Overlooked Potential

What may be being overlooked is the potential for WWE to respond in a big way. Let’s face it. WWE has more money and exposure than anyone. They could bring in talents from around the world for one-off appearances easier than anyone. They could FINALLY give the fans a truly magnificent experience by putting together matches with indy stars from around the world and make them stars instantly. Wait! That is what NXT has been doing for years now. Is the Alpha vs Omega match huge? YES! Is it going to be a spectacle? Absolutely! Will it provide a shot in the arm of independent wrestling? For sure! Could it encourage WWE to suck up as many Indy talents as possible, potentially hurting the industry? It is a distinct possibility.

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